Community Voices: Let Californians have a say in their own money – Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act

Community Voices: Let Californians have a say in their own money

Every day, families work tirelessly to make a living in an increasingly difficult landscape. From the soaring peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the vast expanses of the Central Valley, the tale is the same: the cost of living is climbing, leaving many to wonder how they’ll make ends meet.

As a community leader, I witness the daily struggles of our neighbors. I see the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act not just as a proposed statewide ballot measure going before voters this November, but as a critical lifeline for families suffocating under the weight of inflation, high grocery bills and some of the highest gas prices in the nation.

The TPA is a promise to the people of California — a promise of empowerment, accountability and transparency. It hands the power back to the voters, giving us a direct say to decide new state and local taxes. This is not just about preventing unnecessary taxation; it’s about ensuring that our hard-earned money is spent wisely, efficiently and on the services that truly matter.

For too long, the voice of the everyday Californian has been drowned out by the political machines and special interests. Our taxes have climbed steadily, yet the return on our investment remains unknown. Yet, after California’s state budget spending increased by 50% over the past five years, we still have some of the worst roads in the nation, schools are leaving too many students behind and community services are stretched thin. The Taxpayer Protection Act seeks to change this narrative by increasing government accountability and also halting the use of “hidden taxes” that inflate the cost of government services.

Despite facing fierce opposition from the political establishment, voters want transparency and accountability in how they are taxed and how the money is being spent. The TPA adds a layer of accountability and protection, ensuring that government spending supports rather than harms our neighborhoods and small-business communities.

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