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Dems tout ‘democracy’ … except when voters want to decide something – Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act

Dems tout ‘democracy’ … except when voters want to decide something

Democrats across the country have been claiming “democracy” is on the ballot in 2024, as they charge that President Donald Trump would end it.

That’s despite their own agenda to deprive voters of the right to make their own choices in their multiple attempts to prevent Trump, and other GOP members, from being on the ballot.

Now, however, legal scholar and commentator Jonathan Turley, of George Washington University, has identified a fight in which Democrats are desperately hoping that they are able to deprive voters of “democracy.”

Turley explained, “‘Democracy is on the ballot.’ That mantra of President Joe Biden and other Democrats has suggested that ‘this may be our last election’ if the Republicans win in 2024.”

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But he said, “A few of us have noted that the Democrats seem more keen on claiming the mantle of the defenders of democracy than actually practicing it. Democrats have sought to disqualify Donald Trump and dozens of Republicans from ballots; block third party candidates, censor and blacklist of those with opposing views; and weaponize the legal system against their opponents.”

Now a stunning example has emerged, in California, where “democracy is truly on the ballot and the Democrats are on the wrong side.”

The issue is taxes, which Democrats want to control, and voters might not want them to.

“California has always prided itself on the ability of citizens to vote on changes in the law directly through referenda and ballot measures. That is precisely what citizens are attempting to do with a measure that would require voter approval of any tax increase, including a two-thirds vote for some local taxes. It is called the Taxpayer Protection Act and it is a duly qualified statewide ballot measure slated for the November 2024 ballot,” Turley noted.

“The state Democrats are apoplectic over the prospect of citizen control over revenue and taxes. What was a quaint element of democratic empowerment is now challenging a core vehicle of Democratic power. So Gov. Gavin Newsom and other Democratic leaders have taken the issue to the state Supreme Court to demand that citizens be denied the right to decide the issue,” Turley noted.

The state lawyers have told the court that voters simply are too stupid.

“The attorney supporting the challenge explained to the justices that citizens are simply not equipped to deal with the complexities of taxation and should not be allowed to render such a decision,” Turley pointed out.

He did note that it’s uncertain if the court will deliver a verdict before the election, or not.